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How do I choose the right lenses for my eyeglasses?

Each customer has different needs and all prescriptions are not the same. There are so many choices available today in design and eyeglass lens materials that it can be a little confusing to customers when trying to determine what their lens needs may be.

Richard Busch, Licensed Optician and owner of RJ BUSCH OPTICAL DESIGNS will analyze and interpret your prescription and counsel you as to the best options for your visual needs. He will patiently review the many designs and coatings available and provide you with the vision you expect.

At RJ BUSCH OPTICAL DESIGNS, we are able to fill all prescriptions; from single lenses to complex and we are able to fabricate many single vision prescriptions within a day or two in our on-site laboratory.

We are also specalists in fitting progressive, digitally customized lenses (high definition lenses for your eyes) from one of the most prominent, progressive digital lens designers in the industry; Shamir. Click here to learn more about Shamir progressive digital lenses. Progressive Digital Lenses are the latest design revolution in progressive lens technology. These fully customizeable lenses deliver unparallelled optical perfromance in contrast to standard progressive lenses. Digitally Customized lenses are soon to become the standard in the optical industry.

Benefits of digitally customized (high definition) lenses

  • Outstanding night and low light vision.
  • Outstanding contrast perception.
  • Outstanding color vision.

Are you curious about Computer or Workspace lenses?

We also offer many specialty lenses. Two of our most popular are the Computer and Workspace lens.

Computer lenses are designed to address vision for a wide field and near viewing (up to 5 feet) and the problems and fatigue some people experience when viewing their computer screens or close range areas for long periods of time. Our customers find them very effective in fields such as Graphic Design, Accounting, Lab Technology, Data Entry, Software Engineering, Artistry and Crafts.
More about the Shamir Computer™ lens »»

The Workspace lens is a great solution when your priority focus is for both mid-distance and near viewing for up to 10 feet. Customers working in the fields such as Florists, Sales Clerks, Nursing, Chefs, Hairdressers, Receptionists, Opticians and Surgeons have found them to be extremely beneficial.
More about the Shamir WorkSpace™ lens »»

If you have any questions about Prescription Lenses please contact us.

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